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The Integrated Care Systems' (ICS) cultural shift

As we wait for a new Prime Minister to explain how we will keep the lights switched on this winter, does the NHS have an identity crisis?

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A Guide to Patient Reported Measures (PROMS)

In this paper, Monmouth shares the headline facts around the theory and landscape of Patient Reported Measures and then focuses in on some of the practical challenges around the use of PROMs. Click here to view the PDF –  A Guide to Patient...

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Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) – how might it impact IG?

STP are a new approach to shared health and care planning, launched in December 2015. It is designed to encourage the sustainability and planning of services across locally-defined areas, rather than individual institutions; and over five years, rather...

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Our experience. Customer stories.

Read about how we've helped customers tackle their business challenges.

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DSPT and securing remote access to clinical records

We helped this GP specialist supplier adapt in the face of Covid-19 by assuring how they access patient...

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Covid-19 – Supporting independent healthcare’s response

Monmouth Partners supports independent hospitals with SUS data submission during Covid-19


1 min read

Information audit for cosmetic surgery patients

Monmouth Partners conducted two high-level information audits for the Royal College of Surgeons‘ Cosmetic...

2 min read

Information security – ISO 27001 pre-certification support

ISO 27001is the most popular information security standard worldwide. It sets out the processes and...

2 min read

Strategy development – Setting priorities for PHA UK

Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) is an incurable, serious condition, with a major lifelong impact on patients....

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Strategy implementation for the global pharma industry

Following its launch, Patient Focused Medicine Development (PFMD), needed rapid support to establish and...

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