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Strategy implementation for the global pharma industry

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Following its launch, Patient Focused Medicine Development (PFMD), needed rapid support to establish and build its patient engagement framework. It sought a credible partner that could act quickly to generate a high-quality evidence-base and help develop the new and ambitious programme.

Monmouth Partners identified and documented over 50 global patient engagement programmes over the course of three weeks, from a wide range of stakeholders. Through in-depth interviews, programmes were detailed from government, regulators, industry, research bodies and patient organisations – from across the USA and Europe. Feedback and learnings were captured and built back into the development of the PFMD programme.

PFMD is a not-for-profit, global joint venture between the pharmaceutical industry and the patient community. Founding members include the European Patients Forum, the National Health Council, EUPATI (the European Patient Academy on Therapeutic Innovation), Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Cancer 101 Foundation, the Society of Participatory Medicine and a number of large pharma companies; including Amgen, Astra Zeneca, GSK, MSD, UCB, Pfizer and Novartis.

Founded in 2015, its aim is to develop a universal and best practice approach to patient involvement in drug development.

“Monmouth has a robust network in the context of Patient Engagement across the pharma industry, patient associations and regulators. They could bring us the insights from the right people, the most relevant and expert people in that field.”

Anne-Marie Hamoir, PFMD project lead, The Synergist