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Can Smart Hospitals Prove That “Data Saves Lives”?

The UK plans to build 40+ new hospitals by 2030 as smart solutions for the growing pressures that our hospitals and government face. These hospitals will seek to improve upon the existing infrastructures, the quality of care for patients, drive greater...

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Electronic Patient Records (EPR): Technical Development Support

A market-leadingelectronic patient records(EPR) company lacked visibility of how it’s software product was providing value to NHS Trust clients, specifically, it’s clinical coding functionality. Key processes within the software require...

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1 min read

Clinical software developer: market opportunity analysis

A leading NHSclinical software companyneeded help to assess whether there was a market for a potential new software product.

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2 min read

DSPT and securing remote access to clinical records

We helped this GP specialist supplier adapt in the face of Covid-19 by assuring how they access patient...

2 min read

Covid-19 – Supporting independent healthcare’s response

Monmouth Partners supports independent hospitals with SUS data submission during Covid-19


1 min read

Information audit for cosmetic surgery patients

Monmouth Partners conducted two high-level information audits for the Royal College of Surgeons‘ Cosmetic...

2 min read

Information security – ISO 27001 pre-certification support

ISO 27001is the most popular information security standard worldwide. It sets out the processes and...

2 min read

Strategy development – Setting priorities for PHA UK

Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) is an incurable, serious condition, with a major lifelong impact on patients....

2 min read

Strategy implementation for the global pharma industry

Following its launch, Patient Focused Medicine Development (PFMD), needed rapid support to establish and...

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