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NHS PPU: Strategy development

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The private patient unit (PPU) at one NHS Trust was far from fulfilling its financial potential, with revenue significantly lower than its nearest competitor. On average, the unit only reached one-third capacity, despite being recognised by all private medical insurers and offering competitive rates.

A completely new strategy was required to restructure and shift the unit to a new culture of working. The NHS host hospital brought in Monmouth as an independent and sector-experienced partner to identify current barriers and provide an evidence-based solution to develop the business. 

What we did

Monmouth Partners carried out a gap analysis to review current operations, identify problem areas and map out a route plan for change. This involved a series of interviews with key internal stakeholders to extract candid views and pinpoint issues. These included consultants as well as operational, clinical and administrative staff. Monmouth focused on understanding how the unit meets the needs of its patients, directly and indirectly, through relationships with consultants and private medical insurers.

Increasing income 

The work provided the Trust with a clear and practical change management programme. We put forward a complete service redesign and culture change plan, which aimed to significantly increase income and capitalise commercially on the hospital’s status

Actions were broken down into mandatory and legal requirements as well as “must do” changes that would have an instant impact on patients’ experience and pressing interdepartmental challenges. For example: investments in specific infrastructure and job roles; improved hotel services, a consultant engagement strategy and a programme of investment into marketing, administration and billing functions.